Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Bunny

Please help me welcome Lady Fluffington into the world. :) She was born on Easter Sunday but she didn't reach her family until now.

I got the free Spring Bunny pattern from All About Ami. I love all her patterns, :) My bunny looks really different from hers but I think it's because of the eye placement. The facial feature details really make the amigurumi. :)

Without the hat

Love her bunny tail!
Does she look like a puppy?
Ears up!
As you can see I changed the pattern a little. I didn't add fabric to the inside of the ears or felt to the bottom of her feet. I just did a color change for the details. Here's how I did it.

Pattern Modifications:
R1: in all white
R2: Sc 2 in each sc for 2 sc spots in white (you will end up with 4sc in white) then change to blue for 1 sc spot (2) then change back to white for the last 2 sc (4)
R3: follow the pattern but where you have white stitches, use the white yarn and where you have blue stitches, use the blue yarn. I just pulled the blue yarn loosely over. You should end up with 6 White - 3 Blue - 6 White.
R4: 6 sc in white - 4 sc in blue (do not inc, just stitch another blue in the next white spot) - 5 sc in white
R7: add another blue the same way you did R4. You will end with 6W-5B-4W
R9: Just follow the colors around, you will never have to dec a white and blue together
R13: change the last blue to white to get 4W-2B-3W
R15: change to all white

Confusing? You should look at my notes. :p If I make another bunny, I will take step by step pics to help you guys out. :)

R1-3 in Blue
R4-7 in white
That simple. :)

With her cute tophat.
I used this free top hat pattern but added one more row to the brim. I also added cardboard inside to keep it stiff. I put a pin back on the bottom of the hat so that it can be taken off or re-positioned.

She is going to my good friend, Rachel, who has always supported me. Love ya Bunny, both bunnies! :)
You can check out my Lady in her new home on Rachel's blog. :)

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  1. I love my bunny. She is so cute! The hat is lovely; the cameo is a nice touch for it. I showed her to my aunt....she loved it!! Especially the added touch of the cameo top hat ;) Thanks for making my day!