Saturday, April 21, 2012

B-day presents: Hunger Games Cup Cozy and Mouse Amigurumi

My friend, Becky's birthday just passed. I finished her presents a little too late but that's ok because she didn't realize I was going to send her anything anyway. :)

Present #1: Hunger Games MockingJay cup cozy

She loves the Hunger Games books and movie so I had her sister, Rachel, cross stitch a MockingJay for me to put onto a red cup cozy. I think it came out really well. :) I just hope Becky doesn't realize what we are doing because she saw her sis stitching the Mockingjay. hehe 

Present #2: A cute mouse amigurumi

Becky was born in the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese horoscope. And since her favorite color is red, I thought a cute little red mouse! :)  I used this Pocket mice free pattern.

He's so little! :) He fit right into the Starbucks tumbler I am sending as well. :) That's present #3. :)

I did do one modification to the pattern:

chain 2
into 1st chain:
hdc, slip stitch, dc, slip stitch, hdc, slip stitch

I hope she likes everything! Happy Birthday!!

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  1. She loved her presents ;) I think they came out really well. I love the mouse.....he's so tiny! And yes, he is the perfect size for the Starbucks tumbler!

    You are an awesome crafter!