Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Spring Package

Here is the Spring Basket I just sent for my friend, Rachel. Since there are few goodies that I had no idea what was in it, here is a link to her blog post which shows all the goodies unwrapped. :)

Chinese Pineapple Cakes from a famous place in Taiwan
Amigurumi that will be sold at MobiCon. :)
I put them in a Dumpling togo box I had washed out.
Bed of fake grass on tissue paper in a clean Gladware container = Wrapping!
Goodies inside just for Rachel
The milk carton and Steampunk donut you've seen but here's a new guy, Chinese Egg tart. :) I also added some chocolate candies that my Aunt brought from Taiwan recently.

Wrapped with a bow. :) 

Bunny that poops candy! hehe

I peaked in the envelope and it's from 2008 O.o LOL The package with some of these things were thought to be lost but was just hiding in my garage amongst empty boxes. :p

Here's a sock change purse. I love these bc they are so cute! The box inside contained a real Jade bunny necklace that I bought for her from my trip to China. We went to a jade factory on the tour and I knew she would like it. :)

Unknowns until I saw what was in side from her blog. hehe The blue package is from my trip to Hawaii. It contained a bookmark I found in a cute little shop there and some candies and cookies. My friend just got stationed there so more chances to go back. :) The pink is from sanrio and it contains Sugarbunny stationary. And I think the purple has cute witch stationary I found in Little Tokyo here in Cali. The white envelope in front is not white but a pretty green color and contains my Easter card and some letters and a Target bunny gift card that I thought was really adorable. I use used gift cards as bookmarks. :)

I forgot to take a pic of the white fabric lined basket I put all this stuff in. I wrapped the basket in a purple cellophane bag. I also forgot to take a pic of all the reusable shopping bags that I sent her. You can see both on her blog post (the link is at the top of this post). :)

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!!!

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