Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"MINE!" Cup Cozy / Sleeve

I made this because a friend always half jokingly says "Mine!" when there's something yummy around. But now every time I hear this, all I hear is the seagulls from Finding Nemo. :) See this clip if you don't know what I mean. :)



And without further ado, here is my cup cozy. :)

My Coffee!
It might not have your name on it but you have definitely claimed this cup of joe with this cup cozy. :)

Sorry, I am not posting a pattern. There are tons of free crochet cup cozy patterns out there. :) I am not posting what I did because it is just too confusing for others and there's a problem. :P Gotta get it fixed before I post it. :)

But look what I found. This is crazy! Someone actually crochet a Finding Nemo Seagull. :) I think he's very cute!

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