Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chinese Egg Tart Softie

When my friend, Rachel, visited me in California, I introduced her to my favorite Dim Sum restaurant and she got hooked on Chinese Egg Tarts.


Then she saw this cute feltie Egg Tart and fell in love. 

While she is really cute, I thought it was an involved pattern so I thought I would make something myself but with a combination of crochet and felt. Here is what I came up with.

For the crust I crochet a basic circle and then added ribbing to the sides.
Basic Circle:
R1: In a magic circle 6 sc (6)
R2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
R3: 1 sc then inc (2 sc in next stitch), repeat around (18)

For the Ribbing, I used this pattern but I only did 4 chains to start and got 3 single crochet long ribbing. I left a long tail and wove through along the inside so that I could tighten it a little so that the sides would be more upright. (Sorry, no picture) 
Next came the center. I used yellow felt to cut out a circle shape and put on a face.
I then cut out a circle from the side of an empty tissue box and hot glued it to the bottom for more stability and shape. I stuffed it with poly fill and hot glued the felt face to the crochet crust. Where I had woven through and tighten up, there was a natural "shelf". This is where I put the glue. (Sorry again, no picture)

Before I had woven through and tighten up, the crochet part laid pretty flat and I really liked the look for a coaster. :)

I think my Egg Tart has such a good resemblance to the real thing that now I am craving some yummy egg tarts. hehe So, it's good bye till next time. Sadly, craft month is at an end but I hope you guys don't stop. :)

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