Friday, September 21, 2012

Tricycle Diaper Cake

I've always wanted to make a diaper cake but at my first baby shower, her sister made one. It was cute but I was happy when I had an excuse to make one myself. :)

There are a lot of tutorials on the web on how to make one but these two seemed the easiest to understand and most complete: Diaper Motorcycle tutorial by Sweet Aprils and Tricycle Diaper Cake Tutorial from Maiden D'Shade. I looked for the Tricycle diaper cake tutorial when I was starting to put mine together but couldn't find it until after I was done. :p  So, I didn't put the front wheel between the two back wheels. I also couldn't get it to fit right so I just put the back 2 wheels together. :p hehe 

For next time, put a paper towel or toilet paper roll core in the center of the cake pan or use a plain bunt cake pan. It will make it easier to shape the diaper wheels. :)


- Glad Press'n Seal Wrap (to cover the diapers to protect them from dust and dirt.) 
I wanted the mom to be able to use the diapers as long with everything else.

- Baby Bottle for the Head Light

- Diapers, size 1  for the wheels

- 2 bibs for the front bumper and seat

- 2 receiving blankets to tie it all together

- Teddy Bear as the rider

- String to help the receiving blankets hold everything together
- Ribbon to keep things together and as a decorative touch
- Toilet paper roll core to give the handle bars structure
- Double sided Tape to help hold it together

What I made:
- Angel Washcloth (Wrapped around the baby bottle)
-  Baby Hat in the baby bottle
- Baby Mittens for the handle bars

If you want to see how I wrapped it, keep scrolling below. :)

Panda's Tip of the Day:

I made a base for the diaper cake to sit on to give it more structure and stability instead of just wrapping it as is. I used double sided tape to make sure it didn't shift during transport. :)
Next, I wrapped everything with the cellophane wrap, added the shreds, and tied everything with ribbon. :)

I hope the lucky Marine wife and mom to be loves it and uses it. hehe

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