Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crochet Sunshine Scalloped Cowl

I just found out one of my best friend's favorite color to wear which made me run to my yarn stash and see how much of the color I had. Sadly, it was not a lot. Next, I went to my computer to look for patterns that do not take a lot of yarn. Of course I searched cowls. Here is what I found. :)

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
& Lion Brand Vanna's Glamor
(I held both yarns together and crochet with them both as one.)
Hook: 6 mm
Circumference: 20 in
Width: 4.5 in
Pattern: Scalloped Cowl by Lion Brand
(Stopped at row 3 for each side because I didn't have enough yarn.)
Finished 9-6-12

I promise you, in real life, the difference in yarns is not as noticeable. The Glamor just adds a little sparkle. :)

Lion Brand does this a lot, they post the same pattern but changed it a little for different yarns in their line with different thicknesses. Here is the same pattern but more foundation chains for a thinner yarn.

Anywho, this is going to be a birthday present for one of my best friends here in Cali. :) Her bday is still a month or two away but I wanted to try it out. hehe

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