Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Today, my family is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a Chinese, lunar calendar holiday where we get together with family, eat a lot of yummy food, light lanterns and eat Chinese moon cake. It is also called the Moon Festival because it is on a full moon. 

Another story and symbol of this holiday for us is the Rabbit on the Moon, instead of the Man on the Moon. If you want to read that story just click on this link and this link actually has a picture that shows how we see a rabbit on the moon. :) It's a cute story about rewarding sacrifice. 

This year I sent a moon cake and a cute bunny pin to my friend, Rachel. She posted about it on her blog too. :) This pin was inspired by the Rabbit on the Moon story. :)

I used art I found online to cut out the rabbit for the pin.

I love the yellow orange color of this moon so, I took yellow felt and dusted it with my pink blush. :) It gave me a very nice color for the moon. :) I also used the blush to give the rabbit ears and cheek some color.

I also want to show you what a Chinese Moon cake looks like. :) If you check out my friend's blog, she shows a more traditional style of moon cake. The filling is normally red bean, green bean, or taro. And it can come with or without a preserved duck egg yoke inside. I had sent my friend a pineapple filled one because she likes pineapple cakes. :)

My moon cake is a Taiwanese style.

It is filled with green bean paste and dry shredded pork. It sounds weird but the salty sweet is very light and yummy! I really like it! And my mom says that this bakery makes it year round instead of just on holidays. Yea! :) 

Now, there are a lot of non-traditional moon cakes for the younger generation. Some even have Hello Kitty on it. :p I used to like red bean or lotus with an egg yoke but I think I've found a new favorite. :)

I hope you guys looked up at the beautiful full moon tonight! 
Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! :)


  1. I had forgotten all about this festival until my husband brought some moon cakes from his parents. Now this moon cake look yum! Is it true it is also call the Chinese valentine? Someone once told me that.

    1. I've never heard that but I googled Chinese Valentine and it is a separate day of the year. There are also no mention on moon cake associated with that holiday. :p