Thursday, September 6, 2012

Spoiled Birthday Panda

AHHH!!! Squeal!!! OMG!!! I got so many wonderful gifts for my birthday this year!
I really have been spoiled by my lovely family and amazing friends! :)

Here's my list of lovely goodies! :)

<3. $25 Target gift card and flowers from Michelle & Sydon
<3. $30 Target gift card and $30 AMC gift card from Donny & Winnie 
<3. Red Envelope from my momma :)
<3. Once Upon a Time DVD and a handmade box from El Salvador from Melissa & Greg (Greg wouldn't let Mel feed my Panda addiction. hehe)

<3. Cute Panda Plate from my cousin, Mindy
<3. Panda plate and bowl set from my Aunt, Karen
<3. Lovely handmade earrings from San Francisco from my cousin, Vivian.
<3. Panda shirt! from my cousin, Angel
And then comes the Bunny Package!! OMG!!! Eeep!! Squeal!!! Ahhh!!!
So many very very cute stuff!!! And they are all surprises!! I didn't even expect them!!!
I love them all Bunny!!! She really spoiled me with all these really cute handmade ami!!!
Of course there are more pandas too!! hehe Ahh!!! :D So excited!! Thank you!!!
Check out her blog post about this amazing package. :)

I love the two mushroom houses ami! :) Mushrooms are one of my favorite food groups. hehe

Check out her adorable Snail Mail ami! We used to send letters via snail mail a lot more to each other but email is so much faster and we can tell each other so much more that now snail mail is more for special occasions. :)

AHHH!! Panda!! He's so cute!!! I literally screamed when I saw him!! hehe
Thank you!!! He's so Squishy!!! :D

And a very cute strawberry cake. :) I love the little details like the heart buttons. :)

Here are more pics of the beautiful ami. :) I couldn't help playing with them. :)

Beautiful sparkily blue bear ami keychain! I would never lose my keys again! hehe
Bunny had made a cute Octopus with this beautiful yarn too. :)

The mug was in the same box as the Panda but I saw the mug first so the Panda was a big happy surprise when I moved the tissue over. :) hehe I love surprise pandas! :)

She packaged them beautifully in these cute boxes.

She even found matching wrapping paper. The top of the box is on top of a present wrapped in this wrapping paper. It's hard to tell isn't it? I'm geeking out...I think that's so cool! hehe

Chocolate Puzzle was wrapped in that wrapping paper. :)

And there was this giant beautiful box book...

Filled with awesome goodies!
<3. 3 Notepads: I <3 Nerds, Cassette shaped, and Snail Mail
<3. Classic Candies from the 1980s :)
(I remember loving most of them in my childhood. :))
<3. Sushi shaped magnets: Shrimp and California roll
<3. Necklace jewelry kits: Butterfly and Flower
<3. 3 books!!
1. Vanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters
2. Amigurumi World by Ana Rimoli
3. Zodiac Felties
(OMG!!! Thanks for the awesome books to add to my library!)

And more Pandas!
<3. Panda Feltie that the Bunny made just for me! :)
I think he is adorable!

<3. And a very beautiful Lampwork Panda beaded scissors fob. :)

The Lampwork Panda Bead at the end is so cute!!!

I got another surprise from Kristina! :) 
<3. Thank you for the awesome Panda bookmark she cross stitched for me!
Click on the picture to check out her blog. :)

I had a really awesomely happy birthday this year! Thank you all!! I love you so much! :)

And of course there were lots of yummy food and birthday desserts. :)

Yummy!! I really got to get back to the gym. :p hehe But it was all worth it! :)

I hope you guys are as lucky as I am to have wonderful friends and family. :)
I feel so lucky and blessed! Love you guys!

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