Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video Tutorial for the "Flat Spiral Stitch"

I am of the mind, to learn something you have to see it, hear it, and do it in order to fully understand something. So I found a video tutorial on how to do the variation on the spiral stitch that I used in "Experiments" and on my Green bracelet in the previous post. Auntie's Beads website has a video tutorial for the Flat Spiral Stitch, which is what they called it. So if you were confused with the other tutorial, hopefully this will help. :)

And Domestic Diva has a written out tutorial but with pictures. She just calls it Woven Crystal Bracelet.

Oooo...Score! Auntie's Beads has a video tutorial for the Flat Spiral Stitch, 2nd Row Video. Now, you know how I made all the bracelets in my "Experiments" post. Just shorten the double woven stitch to a width you like, such as 5 crystals long, and keep on adding to the side. In the bracelets on the post, I used all the same size crystals.

Since I hate posting without pictures, here is another bracelet made with the same "Flat spiral stitch" but with pearls in the middle instead of crystals.

Pearl and crystal Flat Spiral Stitch Bracelet

My friend Sylvia actually made this one for my mother. I love the colors she choose. :) She used 6mm Swarovski pearls, 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones, and two different color seed beads. Using the bigger beads makes this bracelet more substantial.

Sorry for so many posts about this stitch but it is so easy and it goes quickly and it is so is one of my favorite stitches. :) I hope it becomes one of yours too. :)

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