Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jewelry Sets for my friend in Thailand

I can't sleep and my fingers and legs are tingly from a hard gym workout so, I decided to post what I made for my friend in Thailand, Gleezel. :) Too bad she hasn't received them yet. :p

Gleeful Gleezel wearing my bracelet. :) Isn't she a pretty model? hehe

Glee took a close up picture of the bracelet. :)
The above bracelet is the first one I made for her and luckily, her boyfriend was able to bring it to her for me when he went for a visit. :) Too bad it is a bit on the long side. I love this clasp but it only works if I have the person near so I can see if the length is good enough. Now I use extender chain on everything I send to other people. Glee told me she loved green and red so I made her his bracelet. :) I used Green 3mm and 4mm Swarvoski crystals and flowers with silver lined seed beads for the band. The band's design, I just kinda made up. I took the flower element from one of my magazines and added it. It has a Swarovski cube in the center which is unique and I love.

Yellow and Green Butterfly Bracelet with one Red Butterfly

One of the earrings from a pair that I made to match the bracelet.
 I found out that Gleezel loved butterflies and her boyfriend told me her favorite color was yellow so I made this bracelet and earring set for her. The red butterfly represents her boyfriend because his favorite color is red. :) I made this before I made the rainbow butterfly bracelet on a previous post. This is also the inspiration for my friend, Rachel's sisor fob. :) 4mm Swarovski bicone, silver balls, and seed beads were used. The middle silver findings are really hard to find. I had some from my trip to Taiwan years ago. I added an extender chain this time with a red heart and a bell at the end. I love adding bells to my work. :p I hope it doesn't get too annoying. hehe

Close up of Yellow Flower "Starlight" Bracelet

Earrings that go with the Yellow Flower Bracelet
I got into making yellow sparklies after the Yellow Butterfly Bracelet. hehe I love this color combination. I am not that big into yellow because it does not go well with my skin tone. But it's fun to work with colors you don't like if its for someone else. :) The pattern is called "Starlight" from "Crystal Brilliance". I used 4mm Swarvoski on the outside and inside are 3mm with a dark gold seed beads. The flowers are really each the size of pennies. Tiny. hehe It makes this really cute. I tend to make bracelets that are more my style, dainty or flat. I am not big onto bulky jewelry. The pink pearl and cage bracelet on my previous post is probably the chunkiest that I have made. I definitely want to make this bracelet and earring set again. Maybe in the same color, maybe in a different color but this time, I'm gonna keep it for myself. hehe

Good Night and Sweet Dreams :)


  1. Wow, so many posts! I love seeing the things that you have made for your friends and family. I love the fact that your mom 'stole' the ring and wears it with scrubs! Awesome :)

    Can't wait to see what you post next! By the way, I sent you an email about posting pics on your blog. I meant to send it yesterday, but AOL said I had to wait to send it....go figure?!

  2. These are mine!! hehehehe..Thank u so much Mandy!...till next time?? heheh