Friday, August 26, 2011

I See, I Like, I Do :)

I just wanted to show one of my processes when I make jewelry, I copy. :P I don't infringe on copyrights by selling instructions but I will see a piece of beaded jewelry that I like and figure out how to make it and here is an example. :P
My Inspiration from INM
On INM Crystal's website, I saw this ring and fell in love. It is from a book, "Love and Beads". I thought it would be fun to try and figure this one out from the picture. :) The website also show a Rose Beaded Ball Necklace that uses this bead as the focal point.

My Notes
 This is what I wrote down from looking at the picture. I have this little black notebook that I use for inspirations and ideas. I use to write down ideas on other note pads but I write a lot of other notes in those note pads too so, it is nice when you have a single subject notebook. Also, this fits nicely into the pencil box I use to hold my supplies for my current project(s). Here, I wrote down the instructions in a diagram fashion.
Red and Black Beaded Ball
 This is the finished beaded ball that I made from my notes. I used 4mm jet (black) Swarvoski crystals and red seed beads. I really like it and will probably put it on a chain to wear as a necklace. :) While making this, I realized that my initial notes were really incomplete, therefore i decided to make another one so that I could write down a full set of instructions for myself.

Gold and Jonquil Beaded Ring
 This is the finished ring. I used 4mm Jonquil (yellow) Swarvoski crystals and size 11 gold seed beads. I really like it. :) It is very sparkly. hehe I showed it to my friend, who is a guy, and he thought that it was too "gaudy" hehe. I think it is fun because it is so "gaudy" hehe. I did not put crystals in the band of the ring because I think it is much more comfortable if the band was made up of seed beads only.

Finished Instructions for the Ring and Ball
This is what I wrote down while I was making the Gold and Yellow ring. The instructions are written in a chart format that I use for most of my 3D beading. It includes where to stop for the ring. :) Other 3D beading I do include animals, hearts, etc. I will post those later. :)

Let me know what you think, :)

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  1. You have posted alot!! Which is AWESOME! Becky and I think it's adorable that you have a notebook for your inspirations!

    I can't wait to see a post on your 'animal' creations. I showed the pieces I have from you to Pat and she said they were cute. She really liked the little witch charm :)