Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent Gifts

If you go to my friend, Rachel's blog, you will find beautiful pictures of the bracelets and a brooch I made for her and just sent to her recently. What occasions the goodies? Just because I miss her. :)

Easy 3 String Purple Bracelet

I had made this for a friend, Stephanie, because she asked me to. lol I am just nice that way. :P I had made a red and gold one years ago so I thought it would be an easy quick bracelet to make.

Pink Caged Bell Bracelet
I made this bracelet for my other cousin, Mindy. She is living over here for a while to go to college too. I haven't seen her in years so I thought I would make her this present. I used seed beads, bugle beads, Swarvoski pearls, and little bells inside the cages to make it sound pretty. :) The pattern is from this book I love, "Crystal Brilliance".
Close up of the bells inside the "cages"

Rainbow Butterfly Bracelet
I made this bracelet for my middle cousin, Angel's, birthday this year. I loved all the colors of these Swarvoski crystals. So, sorry for the picture. I am still working out how to take a good picture of my pieces. :P This picture does no justice for the beautiful colors of this bracelet. All of it is made of Swarvoski crystal bicones, 4mm, special colors like double AB and Alexandria, which changes colors depending on florescent versus incandescence lighting. :)

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