Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Procrastination made me :p

I made these because I was procrastinating. I know, very very bad Panda. :P

Fushia double AB with Silver Backed Flower Ring
 My cousin, Mindy, is my hand model for the first 2 pictures. :) Now this pink ring was spotted by my mother who decided to steal it because it makes her happy to wear it. How could I say no to that. So, now she walks around the house in T-shirts and scrub bottoms with this ring, nice. hehe I used Swarvoski crystal bicones and flowers with clear seed beads.
I found a picture of this ring on my news feed on facebook, I forget which page, but thought, I could totally do this. And so, I did. I am more of the scaredy cat when it comes to color. :p Update: I just found the link to this page. It is from And they have a tutorial! :) Here is their tutorial on how to make this bracelet. I think it is too wordy and it's easier if you see the instructions in a diagram format. But they do have a video on their page. So have fun making these. :)

Pink 5-petal Flower Ring
I have these top-drilled Swarvoski bicones that I bought for another project. I thought, hey, I could do the same thing and make it into a flower ring too. I like it except that the band on this ring is a bit too narrow. I will widen the band on the next one I make.

Montana 2xAB and Silver Backed Flower Ring
Since my mom stole the last one I made, I decided to make this one for me. I did this one from memory. And yes, that is my

Now, onto the hair goodies I made from zippers! :)
I started making these because like a year ago, my friend, Trinity, saw something like it in a store and I said I could make it for her. It is really fun and easy. Again, Mindy is my model here. :)

Black Zipper flower Headband

Close up of the Zipper Bow/Flower on the Headband
This one is for Trinity. :) Both the flowers above and below was made from one 1/2 of a zipper and I just twisted it to make the loops and tacked it together with some thread.

Purple Zipper Bow Hair clip

Antique Rose Zipper Flower Hair Clip
 This one was made in a different way than the two above. For this one, I gathered the petals each separately, then sewn the petals and middle to a felt backing.

Black Zipper Flower
I don't know what I want to make this Black flower into just yet. I can add it to an elastic scrunchy or add a hair clip or make it into a brooch. So many choices. I might put a hair clip and a pin back onto it so it is more versitle. Don't know yet.

Purple Zipper Brooch (Picture from the Rachel's blog)
I sent this Zipper Brooch to my good friend, Rachel. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to take my beaded flowers and make them into a brooch because my friend loves to wear and collect them. Still have not figured it out, but will keep on working on it. :P Rachel did a great job with the picture of the brooch. Since it was better than mine, I decided to post hers. hehe

Until next time. :)

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