Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sending G Jr., the Jellyfish, to His New Home :)

I had made this Jellyfish Ami and was thinking about different cute ways I could send him to my friend, G. :) This is what I came up with. :)

First I went to Michael's Arts and Crafts to go buy me a take-out-box. I was looking for the frosted white one but they only had the solid white one or this clear one (I put the bag inside so you could see the box more clearly). They had a bunch of other cute colors but this is for a guy and I wanted the jellyfish to be the star. 

While walking around, I picked up these stickers and a panda notepad that was definitely not on my list. :p It was pretty affordable. The most expensive thing was the 3D stickers. The box and the panda notepad were just $1 each and I had a 20% off coupon. :)

Next, I took some blue tissue paper from my stash. This one is for winter with the snow flakes on it but because of what I did with it, it really didn't matter. :) I shredded the tissue paper and used it for "water" and for packing material by putting some around G Jr to make him comfortable.

G Jr is so darn cute!! in his little transport box!! But that's not the end...

I added an address label to the inside just in case something happened to the one on the outside. "From Amanda's Hands....To Geoffrey's Heart".

G Jr. looks so excited to be going on this trip to his new home. :)

I am including some snacks. My fav is Shrimp Chips but I haven't tasted them in a while because they are so bad. :) Looks like G Jr. couldn't wait to get his tentacles on them. I hope they last the trip. :)

I cut up a clear plastic bag to wrap around the outside to protect the 3D stickers. Then I taped up the opening and added my address label. The light blue part is for the postage.

Now, he's ready to go to his new home. :) If this works, I really want to try sending other items I craft through the mail, not in "proper" boxes. I've been reading posts of people sending Easter eggs and flip flops through the mail. I think that would be so much fun!!

UPDATE: Failed, the post office didn't allow me to send it as is. They made me put it into another box because they said that the wire would get caught in the machinery and that the box can easily come apart. ugh! Well, that did not work. I guess if I had wrapped the whole thing up in shrink wrap, they might have let me. Well, lesson learned.

Have a creative weekend! :)

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