Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love you Dad

I have un-happy news. My dad passed away today. 
I was able to make sure he knew I loved him before he went.
That is the best I could do for him. I believe he is in a better place and not suffering.
He had ESRD and had to go to dialysis, which he hated. I don't think he felt loved living with his 5th ex-wife and their son. I am hoping now he has found some peace.

We were never really close but I do have some happy memories of him. He used to open Chinese restaurants up and down Alabama. He was the China King. That was the last restaurant I helped him with. I remember being the cashier when I was in 5th grade. I was also a hostess. I loved working there and got paid $20 a night, which was great. I loved munching on fortune cookies and his yummy Egg Drop Soup and Hot and Sour Soup. I never found another place that made it as good as he did. He also had a great sweet and sour sauce which I dipped fried wontons in. I was able to get his Hot and Sour soup recipe a few years back. I will be looking for that again to frame it so I will never lose it.

Some of the regulars would want me to sit with them and talk. My dad would walk out in his chef uniform and ask if I was bothering the customers. :) Of course, they said no, but it was a great conversation starter. 

He really had a great mind for the restaurant business. Every one of them that I can remember, all became big hits. He knew what real good customer service was and taught me. He also made really good food at affordable prices. He would buy left over McDonald toys to give out to the kids. The customers loved him.

He always had fish in his restaurants. I remember a shrimp that kept getting out and a dragon fish that mysteriously passed away the same night as my Guinea pig across town at home.

He would take me to theme parks. I think I have gone to almost all of them. But my favorite memory was us in Sam's Club. He pushed me around on the flat bed. Whenever he got something for the restaurant, I would use it to make myself a little fort. It was a happy day. :)

He loved going to Red Lobster for Sunday brunch and that was his last meal.  

I hope he is finally at peace and happy.
I love you Dad!! Now and always.

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