Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crochet Dragon Baby Hat

After crocheting amigurumi using smaller crochet hooks and tight stitches, it feels really strange to use the actual size crochet hook that the yarn calls for. The hook feels so big! hehe (sorry, my mind went to a naughty place.)

On one of my favorite blogs, All About Ami, she posted these hats that she made.

Green, blue and coral earflap hats with white edging

Click here to see the post about the cute hats above. And she made this one below as well:

Here is another earflap hat I made from Alli’s Crafts.  It is essentially the same as the newborn earflap hat pattern (I blogged about them here), but this one is sized for 6 month old babies (pattern found here)!  I switched to brown for Row 9 and used the pattern for the “Loopy Six-Petal Flower” found here, also adding a button in the centre.  I think pink and brown make a lovely colour combination, don’t you?  Check out Alli’s blog as she also has earflap hat patterns for premies, newborns, 3, 6, and 9-12 month old babies and toddlers as well!

She did an amazing job. I loved the basic hat but I had to make it for a baby boy. It was obvious to try to make a dragon baby hat since it's the year of the Dragon so, here it my version. :)

I hope he's not too scary for the parents. hehe I am sending it along with the pink baby hat to the Solider's Angels of California baby shower for some strong Marine wives.

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Hook: 5 mm
Pattern: Baby Ear Flap Hat for Newborn by Alli Crafts

For the ridges, I double crochet directly onto the hat because I didn't want too many seams or to have to sew it on.

Ridges Pattern:
Join the yarn to any stitch on the top of the hat along the middle line. You will crochet each line of pattern into one stitch/hole/row on the hat base.
 ch 1, sc, hdc
dc, tc 
dc, hdc
sc down to last 3 holes you want, turn
sc all the way down but stop when you get to the first ridge
turn and crochet the rest of the pattern onto the sc rows

ch (first one only), 
sc, hdc
dc tc dc
hdc slpst
repeat till you get back down the row

In the last 3 holes:
sc, hdc
dc, tc 
dc, hdc, sc

That was what I came up with. It didn't end up exactly what I pictured in my head but I think it looks cute.

For the dots I made:
2 large circles - dark blue
magic ring
10 dc
2 sc in each dc

"Eyes" x2
light blue 6 sc in ring
join with dk blue
(skip 1st st bc too hard to get into) 2 dc x5 - crochet tails in under these stitches

You could have also made a large circle of dark blue and a small circle of light blue or a button and just layer them.

2 med/small circles - dark blue
10 dc in ring

Just sew on the dots with simple running stitch around. Done! :)

Here are my inspirations:

CROCHET PATTERN Dinosaur Hat (5 Sizes Included Newborn to Adult)   Permission to sell all finished items

Girl's Dinosaur Hat - Dragon Hat in Bright Pink -Crochet Animal Hat

� ��C��(�v�

Handmade Crocheted Lizard Dinosaur Dragon Hat

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