Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Midnight beading

Last night, I really wanted to end the day beading. Since I did some cardio and abs late, I really couldn't get to sleep. Perfect time for beading. :) 

While websurfing, I came across this blog of beading tutorials. :) I love these. My Daily Bead Blog has some good and some ok pieces. The tutorials are all in video format. I saw this puffy heart tutorial and thought it was really cute. I am always looking for new cute hearts to make.

MyDailyBead blog's Puffy Hearts
This is the picture that the blog posted. I really like the shape..it is somewhat different from the other beaded hearts that I have in my collection so, I wanted to learn this.

My Antique Rose Puffy Heart
Here is what I made from the tutorial. :) The blog had put up two tutorials for this heart. I had to undo the first one and watch the second tutorial to get this heart right. The shape is not as nice as hers but it is still a cute heart. :) I will have to post pictures of the other hearts in my collection. :) I will probably do it in February. :)

My mom is having a friend from Alabama over so, I gotta get cleaning. :) I hope you guys go onto her blog and get inspired as I did. :)

Happy Beading and Learning! :)

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