Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lookie What I Found! :)

I was looking through a drawer and saw some sparklies. I pulled out the container and found a couple of bracelets that I forgot I had...hehe I don't know whether or not to keep everything in one place and risk losing it as the saying goes, "Don't put all your eggs into one basket". Or to separate them and put them in different places, but then I will forget....If I ever have the time or patience, I really need to make a database of the pieces my mother and I own. Knowing me, I will come across some piece I can't find and feel terrible till I find it again. :p I hate not knowing where everything is.

Blue Sideways variation of Flat Spiral Stitch
I know its hard to tell but it is blue. hehe I used one color of Swarovski Crystal this time, dark sapphire, and a blue seed bead. I made this years ago and forgot about it. I remember making an all black one as my first one. There are so many variations of the color blue. Sapphire is more towards the purple side. Swarovski's Aqua is more towards the green. And I think Swarovski's Capri Blue is the closest to the middle. I love the color blue but it does frustrate me when I pull out a blue shirt to wear and the bracelet or the shirt has too much purple in it to make them go together. I have yet to find a good combination of all the blues in one bracelet. There is one of my next challenges. hehe

Pink Lace and Metallic Dk Grey Lace Bracelets
I believe this is the first time I tried an all seed bead design without any crystals. I could put some in those holes though...hehe I had the metallic grey one because it is unfinsihed but the pink one I remember but didn't know where it went to. I don't even remember how to make these anymore. Do you think if I made it all black and into a choker, it would look Victorian? :)

How am I doing? Do you guys like my blog? hehe Let me know if I could improve anything besides the pictures. :)

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  1. Do you still have your camera from undergrad (or was it high school) when you were taking that photography class? I have just a basic digital camera and I use the macro setting to get better details if lighting permits!~ Otherwise I like your blog :)

    Yes, you could do an all black necklace. It would look lacy and somewhat Victorian ^___^

    By the way, your candle wrap is a cute idea actually, but since it is a scrap of linen, I don't know if I have enough fabric to make it into one. But I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind.

    Yes, my monthly list isn't normal, but I was working on that Dans Mon Jardin design on my lunch breaks and after work to get it finished :)