Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bday Pkg from Bunny! :)

I just received a package from my best friend in Alabama. Hehe I love receiving packages. I love opening gifts...well, honestly, I love opening anything...hehe I even like opening things I buy from the store. :P hehe Thank you Bunny for this great Birthday Package! :) I love all the gifts.:)

...lie back and enjoy!
Hehe...such a cute Panda birthday card! hehe Pandas Rule! :) ...and Bunnies too...hehe

Birthday gifts :)
I love it all! :) I first opened the beautiful handmade angel...she is so cute :) She will look great on the mantle with the holiday decorations coming up soon. :) Then I opened up the pack of cards. I kinda knew it was playing cards but then I saw that it was "Go Fish" and had to laugh LOL hehe I love playing Go Fish too...hehe  I love that you can also play by matching artists. I wonder if you just ask if they have a Van Gogh or you have to name a piece of his...hehe There is also a book that tests your knowledge of the masterpieces. All the art takes me back to my art history class in high school. Kinda scary...hehe I love the Sapphire soap stone...just can't get myself to use it..hehe It matches perfectly with my blue dolphin decorations in my vanity area. :) And I love Blue!!! hehe I also got a cross stitch book with Asian patterns....the funny thing is that it's in French..hehe  I wonder if my friend, Melissa, can read french..hmm...hehe

I love the stationary!! I got some blank cards...one is plum blossom with beautiful birds and the other is a pair of butterflies...so beautiful! I had to eep! when I saw the book lovers set! :) It has a journal, magnetic bookmarks, book plates, and page markers...so pretty! :) Can't wait to use it! :) But I think my friend, Rachel, aka Bunny should one day get personalized book plates made for her own home library. hehe She is the true book lover. :)

Yes, we are big nerds...hehe Go Nerds! Nerds Rule the World! hehe
Thanks again Bunny!!! :D

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  1. Not sure when your birthday is/was, but Happy Birthday! Love all your surprises from Bunny! They are truly unique. Keep posting!
    Happy Birthday again! Aunt Snowbird