Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catfish with a side of Asian

I was tired of waiting on my friend to stop being lazy and cook this catfish that I had bought, so I decided to do some research, online of course, and cook it myself. I did the same for the sides. My limiting factor was that I did not want to go buy supplies, so I only used what was already at home. It came out well, I think. :) 

Dinner plated
I used this Catfish Amandine recipie, not because of the name..hehe..but because I had just about everything except the lemon and almonds. I think that the flavors of the side dishes over powered the subtle flavor of the sauce for the fish. But the fish's flavor was still strong enough to be good. I actually started to rub the fish in the green bean sauce, which was really good too. Next time, I will replace the green beans with the fish in the recipe.

For the green beans, I had bought this bag of green beans that were already cleaned and trimmed. All you had to do is steam them in the bag. I have been on a green bean, sweet pea binge lately..hehe I was going to stir fry it Asian style but I found this Thai recipe for Green Bean and Shrimp. I didn't have shrimp but I liked the sauce. It was really good. The green beans were crispy but slightly under done because I didn't have the wok hot enough to fry them quickly. I will remember for next time.

Those "boobies" hehe are Roasted Garlic and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes. I combined a couple of recipes for this. You boil the potatoes and add butter, milk, wasabi paste, garlic, and salt and pepper. The wasabi over powered the roasted garlic sadly. It still tasted good but next time I would do one or the other, not both. I will try to roast another garlic bulb. Roasted garlic tastes really good but I found it very messy when I tried to squeeze the garlic out of the bulb. 

Yes, I was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Yes, I have a pile of dishes in the sink, But no, I did not make a huge mess of the counters and stove. :) Hopefully, someone else will do the dishes for me since I'm the one who cooked dinner. :)

Don't wait for others. Cook on!

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  1. Looks yummy! I would even try the mashed potatoes with the wasabi. (I'm not a fan of wasabi normally. It's too hot for me O_o")

    I hope someone did the dishes for you :)