Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bunny Halloween Package

I just received a package from my good friend, Rachel. Yeep! :) I love receiving packages from her! It is always filled with really cute goodies that I love. :) It's on her blog as well. :)

Cute Halloween Tape
I really like fun tape like this and I have some cute panda tape but I don't want to use them and don't know when to use them...hehe This really puts me into the spirit of Halloween. :)

Ghost cup
I laugh when I see this because the expression is so funny but I am also a little wary because I am afraid of ghosts...hehe I don't like scary movies or tv shows at all.

Ghost beanie baby, I love Vampires notepad, and cute container.
This ghost is really cute. I like him. :) And I love the notepad...I am team Cullen. hehe The container works well for me as a candy holder right next to my front door. It works so well that I really want to eat a piece of candy every time I walk by. :( I just remind myself that there are some yummy fruit in the fridge if I really wanted something sweet. Control, need control....

Cute packaging
I love package wrapping...geeky, I know. :p I love unwrapping packages too. :) Sometimes the packaging is too cute to unwrap. That is where I have a hard time deciding. hehe

2 Cross stitch magazines, book, card, and Body Parts Sushi Roll candy
I think my friend is trying to get me into cross stitching more with the magazines. She might have just done it. We will see if I can get any of the x-mas ornaments done. I have never finished a cross stitch project. O.O I know crazy...

The body parts sushi candy is so funny. I love it! I might have to actually eat them but only one piece a day.

 I love the card. It is actually has a sparkily background under the pumpkin cut out which is really need. Papyrus has done it again with another beautiful card. 

The book is a part of this cute steampunk series with a heroine. If you like Sanctuary because of Magnus, then you should read this series. :) Sometimes it is hard to visualize all the cute tech though. I wish they would have more pics of just the invented stuff.

Halloween display
My mom had the jack-o-lantern place mats and the Casper water globe. The cup and friendly ghost is cute with it. I need to get out the cute Halloween stuff from previous years from my friend, Bunny, and put them out to enjoy. :)

Thank you so much Bunny!! Love u! Miss u!

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  1. I saw the packing tape at Wal-mart when my sister and I were getting ingredients for her red beans and rice. The only bad thing is the fact that the tape (since it is made by Duct tape) has a very strong smell. I might have to put it in a bag to store it for next year!

    I'm glad you liked everything. Did you know that Yen Press is doing a graphic novel of Soulless (the first book in that series by Gail Carriger)? I can't wait for it to come out.

    Oh, they are also doing a graphic novel of Claudia from Anne Rice's IWAV and the Clockwork Angel series~! I love book adapations into graphic novels.

    Anywho, if you make a bigger Halloween display, please post pics of it :)

    Oh, thanks for posting on my blog. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that design. I just thought it was a fun freebie to stitch ^____^