Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Do you know what to day's day is? That is the question all men hate to hear from women. This time, they should know, it's the Fourth of July aka Independence Day! Time for family and friends gathering around BBQ food to watch pretty and sparily lights in the sky. 

The only thing my family does on the Fourth of July is to try and watch fireworks. I also like to use it as an excuse to craft, bead, crochet, or cook something with the American flag on it. I also do this on Flag day and Veterans day. :) (there are more free beading and cooking inspiration in those 2 links)


This very cute Fourth of July monkey doesn't come with a free pattern but is great inspiration. :)

For a cute fast and easy little gift, here is a free pattern for a crochet flag key ring.

Fourth of July Scarf

And even though it has been really hot lately, in California, the evenings still get kinda cool so here is a free pattern for a pretty Red, White, and Blue scarf.

Wishing you all a great July 4th! Have fun, eat great food, and laugh a lot!

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