Friday, August 2, 2013

BYATWF #3 - Panda Onigiri and Tigress Run Amok!

I blame my manager for all the trouble they got into. The day started with him giving them ice cream at 10:30am and it ended with someone being disassembled. Sigh....
My manager received a tub of ice cream as a gift and wanted the workers to eat it all. Our fridge was not big enough to hold it until lunch so they distributed it at 10:30am. As soon as my cup of ice cream was plopped onto my desk, the Panda Onigiri jumped right in, literally.

The tigress really wanted some ice cream too. Luckily, I cleaned off the Panda before she decided to lick the ice cream off of him. Don't worry Panda, I fed her too. :)

Then they got online to check out other BYATWF pics and saw how much fun this bunny was having with a copy machine.

Ding! There goes their little light bulbs. Sigh...of course they wanted to try out the copy machine too. I was too busy to stop them and they had lots of fun.

And then my co-worker, Ruby, brought out her Blue Bunny Ami to play. :)

Poor tigress just wanted a closer look....

Hyped up on sugar from the ice cream, the Blue Bunny led the charge and ....

Egads!!! They disassembled poor tigress!!! She was made to be disassembled but still, it was not a gentlemanly thing to do. Do not worry. I stepped in and rescued her.

It was all too much for the poor girl. She rambled to a place that felt closer to home to hide. Panda onigiri felt really bad and tried to make up. They are still not talking but I'm sure they will make up soon. :)

It was a Bring Your Ami to Work Friday full of adventures. When I got them home, they went to nap right away. I think I'll keep them home bound for the weekend to let them rest. :)
Happy Weekend Everyone!!! Stay tuned for the next BYATWF!!! :)

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